Eco Warriors

Learn how important our climate, landscape and ecosystems really are. Through various outdoor activities you will learn the importance of your role in helping protect and look after our natural world. Sessions range from birdbox making, creating hedgehog habitats, recycling and conservation. This session highlights the positive impact on our environment that small day to day tasks can have. It encourages children to believe that they can make a difference to the world around them.

Available at:
Summit Centre

Learning Outcomes


All Rock UK centres are set in rural locations with a wealth of natural resources on our doorstep. Many adventure activities use natural sciences such as physics and chemistry for bushcraft or geography orienteering. You can carry out a whole lesson sitting by the river bank or strolling through the grounds.

New skills

Whatever the skill, be it learning how to kayak, lighting a fire using friction or skills on the bike track, learning something new can boost confidence in a young person. This shows them that learning can be fun and equips them with the drive and motivation to want to learn more.

Communication & Listening skills

Being able to hear something, process it and formulate a favourable response in a short space of time. We’ve developed a range of activities where groups have to learn to communicate and listen to one another to ensure tasks can be completed successfully.

Design and technology

Having the tools and confidence to be creative and have a go regardless of the outcome. Whether building and launching a rocket or making and floating a raft, our activities get groups working together on new activities gaining skills that can be valuable back in the classroom or work place.

Environmental impact

Understanding the part an individual plays in their local and global community is becoming must in today’s world. Our spotlight sessions highlight many areas such as poverty, inequality, conflict and economical and environmental impact. We use real life examples to give a better understanding of what’s happening around the world.

Physical, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Preparing young people for adulthood. Many areas of PSHE such as citizenship, health and well-being and communication are widely explored in many of our adventure activities. Activities can be tailored to include areas such as trust, listening skills, relationships, democracy, justice, diversity and our environment; whatever your curriculum objectives.