A School Adventure break at Rock UK

Ever wondered what a school residential is like? In our latest blog, we share Trinity Primary's Rock UK adventure.

Year 3 pupils and their teachers from Trinity Primary School visited our Frontier Centre in Northamptonshire. We would like to thank Mr Dainty and Trinity Primary teachers for allowing us to share their blog post, which gives a great insight into what a school adventure is like at Rock UK.

Day 1

We arrived safe and sound at the Frontier Centre and had an afternoon packed full of exciting activities. We met our fellow schools and ate our picnic lunch outside to enjoy the stunning weather, before heading to our rooms. The children were all very excited to get into the bunk beds and many laid claim to the top bunk before realising these are much harder to put covers on. Some rather hilarious wrestling ensued between children and covers but unfortunately the covers won the day!

Next we headed off for our first activities, which for my group was the Mission Impossible! We began trying to transport a ball down a hill in some guttering, with some excellent teamwork. Next was a hoop challenge, trying to pass all of a group through a hoop all while holding hands. Our impossible mission task was to guide an egg safely to the ground from 20m up. A bin bag, string, tape, a cup and some tissue paper were all that separated our fragile egg, dutifully christened Eggbert, from the floor.

After a delicious dinner, which the children thoroughly enjoyed, we had a bit of downtime to enjoy the sunshine and warmth, playing a few games of frisbee and tag out on the grass. Once we’d been to the tuck shop we entered into the quiz room where many famous faces appeared around the room.  We mixed into teams with the two schools we came with and the quizzing began in earnest, with many children knowing most of the faces around the room.

Lastly, we headed back to our lodge, changed and following a few more quick games the children headed to bed. It was a fabulous first day with some wonderful moments.

Day 2

We started bright and early to a drizzly morning, rousing ourselves at 7:15am to begin our day. We popped into the dining area to fill up on toast and cereal.

Once fed and watered it was time to begin the activities with a fresh fervour! Archery for the mighty group 2 was first. Our instructor showed us how to fire a bow and arrow along with the safety rules. The children began channelling their inner Robin Hood and let loose at the target. Despite a slightly lacklustre start the children soon found their rhythm.

The maze came next, but first we had to navigate a minefield which looked awfully like a few slabs of concrete, but which taught the children that choices are very important, especially when navigating imaginary landmines. Onwards to the maze we marched with the children darting about brilliantly to uncover the clues to the statements about our resilience and perseverance, a theme which ran through the day!

Lunch followed, and after some jacket spuds we were fuelled and ready for a short break. The children enjoying some well-deserved down time and rest before another activity in the afternoon!

Group 3 headed to archery, while another group headed off to abseiling with many of the children doing absolutely brilliantly! It was particularly wonderful to watch two children going down together with one offering encouragement to the other, which truly shows what this trip is about!

All that excitement warranted another break where the children made the most of the improving conditions to have a few games of tag and frisbee. It was a joy to see the children in such a light, playing and having fun without a care.

After dinner, a cracking chicken roast, we ventured out for our campfire. The flames kept us nice and toasty whilst we sang many songs late into the evening.

Day 3

Our final day dawned in a cold and rather drizzly morning, however there was no time to lament the weather as it was all go in our block! After managing to rouse the children we began packing ready to leave. The children did an excellent job of sorting out their rooms with all of them left in an excellent state for the next children lucky enough to head to Beech Lodge.

Onto breakfast where again the children loaded up on toast and cereal.  The first activities followed which for my group was indoor climbing. Some excellent climbing on display all the way through with one student showing his talents at bouldering and many of the children making it to the top of the wall.

After that a hasty change into some waterproofs and out into the elements. On we trudged through the rain and mud until we reached the dreaded walk the plank! Eventually the inevitable fall happened, with an almighty splash and some very wet children.

We headed up to get dry and enjoyed pizza and chips for lunch, which the children absolutely loved, before heading home. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the children on this residential and we are very proud of them all.

Thanks again to Trinity Primary School. Read more on their school blog and see photos on their website