Rock UK Trustees

Rock UK’s Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall control and strategic direction. The Board is accountable for everything Rock UK does, including setting the strategic direction, scrutinising the performance and supporting and empowering the Senior Leadership Team.  The trustees delegate management responsibilities to the Chief Executive and certain other functions to our sub-committees.

We currently have five trustees on the Board.  They come from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring a wide variety of skills and experience to the organisation. They meet regularly to discuss and review Rock UK’s strategies and policies and receive updates from the Senior Leadership Team.


Margaret Wooding Jones (Chair)
Margaret joined the Board of Rock UK in 2011 whilst on the leadership of Ashburnham Place, a Retreat and Conference Centre where she had pastoral oversight of an international team of 40 young people.  Margaret is passionate about developing young people.  She is a Licensed Lay Minister and in her spare time enjoys walking in the countryside (the more remote the better) and is a regular runner.


Huw Ellis
Huw was a Welsh Primary School Headteacher for over 20 years and now works for a charity that supports struggling children and families. He is a fluent Welsh speaker and Chair of his local football team – Llanfair Utd!

Rock UK Trustee Huw Ellis

Nicola Foot
Nicola is passionate about ending human-trafficking, working for International Justice Mission, the world’s largest anti-slavery organisation. Nicola joined the Rock UK board in 2016 as a result of her background in schools’ based youth-work and she has fond memories of visiting Rock UK as a teenager.

Rock UK Trustee Nicola Foot

Alan Belcher
Alan joined the board in 2015. He brings over 30 years’ experience working for NatWest, the majority of which has been as a relationship director serving SME businesses. He is a keen outdoor sportsman with interests in most sports particularly football, golf and running.

Rachel Charlesworth
Rachel grew up in Tonbridge, moving to Newcastle to study Architecture, where she subsequently settled and has worked as an Architect since 2003 particularly on historical buildings and with an interest in sustainability. She has a passion for music and young people and helps out with both at her church. She has visited a number of Rock UK centres with youth and student camps over a number of years.

Darrell Sykes
Darrell joined the board in 2023, having been co-opted to the Finance Committee in 2022. He brings over 25 years’ experience of working in Financial Services with specific knowledge of Operations, Governance and Risk.  Darrell is passionate about developing and mentoring young people and has been involved in youth leadership in his church since 2003.  In addition to this volunteering at church, he coaches and mentors colleagues in a work setting.

Simon Hodge

Simon trained as a forester and made a career in management of land, property, natural resources and heritage. Simon also has extensive governance experience, including Christian organisations. Living in Scotland gives perspectives from north of the Border, as well a base for his love of nature and outdoor pursuits.