Our Future

As we celebrate our past 100 years we also want to look ahead to the future. We continue to provide outstanding adventures for children, young people and those young at heart enabling them to push boundaries, grow in confidence and make memories that last a lifetime.

Our Vision

To transform young lives.

Our Values

Adventure – We love the outdoors and see life and faith as an adventurous journey of learning.

Excellence – We always strive to do our very best in everything we do.

Service – We treat our customers as guests. As Christians were aren’t exclusive, intolerant or think we are better than anyone else.

Integrity – We make every effort to be honest and fair with everyone, all of the time.

Relationships – People are very important to us, we genuinely value relationships.

A Sustainable Future

We want to leave a legacy that is sustainable and takes into account the environment.  We understand that this cannot happen overnight but it is a journey and we are committed to improving environmental sustainability across the charity.

Some of these initiatives have been in place for some time and others we will work towards. Things like recycling, saving energy, reducing emissions, supporting responsible suppliers, protecting our sites and educating our guests through a brand news Spotlight session.

Rock UK’s sustainability charter is founded on the belief that we are stewards over the earth and all creation. Therefore we have a responsibility to look after all that God has entrusted to us.

Read our Sustainability Charter – coming soon