Risk Assessment

At Rock UK we recognise that safety is of utmost importance and as such, all of our activities, facilities and accommodation are regularly risk assessed.

The following Risk Management Summary and Risk Assessment summaries for activities at Rock UK centres have been produced to illustrate as clearly and accurately as possible that Rock UK’s risk analysis and management schemes are adequately robust.


Risk Management Summary – May 2023

CW Risk Assessment Summary 2022

FC Risk Assessment Summary 2024

Summit Centre Risk Assessment Summary (2022-23)

Whithaugh Risk Assessment Summary for Activities 2023

We trust that this information is adequate for the needs of our groups.

All of our activities, facilities and accommodation are regularly risk assessed and copies of the full, current assessments are available to be viewed at our centres. These assessments, together with our operating procedures, are technical documents which are produced by professionals who have expertise and experience in the specific areas covered.

We know how important it is that our centres are safe for your group, so if you want to carry out your own risk assessments too, that’s fine by us. Please contact the Rock UK centre you’re going to be staying at to arrange an appropriate time for a visit.