Aerial Adventure at Frontier

The new adrenalin-filled Aerial Adventure course includes high ropes, abseil tower, abseil slope, climbing wall, twin zip wire and several thrilling team building challenges.

This ultimate outdoor experience, using the latest in design concepts and technology, provides five exhilarating team challenges including the Leap of Faith, Jacob’s Ladder, Gladiator Vertical Obstacle Course, High All-Aboard and Crate Stack.

Make your way around the circular 10-metre high, Aerial Adventure course by balancing across various challenging platforms. Anyone brave enough to keep their eyes open whilst flying through the air on the zip wire will experience spectacular views across Stanwick Lakes!

The abseil slope includes a wheelchair hoist to enable children with mobility issues to join in with the adventure alongside their friends.

Available at:
Frontier Centre

This new facility is available from January 2020.

Europe investing in rural areas

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:Europe investing in rural areas.

Rock UK High Ropes Course featuring team challenges at height, an abseil wall, abseil slope and zip wire.

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This project has received financial
support from the Margaret Giffen
Community Fund.


Learning Outcomes


Managing behaviour through outdoor activities. Getting active outdoors, running around and trying new activities not only helps let off steam, it can also aid concentration when back in the classroom or workplace.

Dexterity/Control and balance

We have lots of open spaces and self-led activities that are great for developing dexterity, control and balance. We have poles to walk and balance on, sports pitches and fields to run around on and a range of instructed activities that are good for balance and hand eye co-ordination.

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses

Developing strategies to make the most of your strengths and work through and improve your weaknesses. Our range of activities help identify strengths, the things that come naturally to a person and that they enjoy doing, and the things that don’t come so naturally. Perseverance in things that don’t come naturally helps build confidence and boosts self-esteem.

Growth in aspirations

The opportunity to try new activities can help develop and grow aspirations. Getting everyone down the abseil tower or through the high ropes course puts the whole group on the same level of achievement. This helps young people realise their potential, sometimes for the very first time.

Managing risk/Developing resilience

The ability to bounce back and thrive after disappointment or unmet expectations. Through our activities, we give children and young people a chance to view setbacks as learning opportunities. Evaluating and planning helps a young person to think calmly and positively about a setback and helps build their confidence to try again.

Physical education

Outdoor adventure activities help to build fitness and promote physical well-being. They also help with concentration, improve teamwork and communication skills. Many activities allow for personal development too, helping children and young people realise their potential and building confidence. Getting active in the outdoors helps improve motivation and self-esteem.

Physical, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Preparing young people for adulthood. Many areas of PSHE such as citizenship, health and well-being and communication are widely explored in many of our adventure activities. Activities can be tailored to include areas such as trust, listening skills, relationships, democracy, justice, diversity and our environment; whatever your curriculum objectives.

Problem solving

Working out a strategy to achieve the best outcome or solution to a problem. These activities teach children and young people how to evaluate a situation or task, plan a strategy of execution and then execute that strategy. Strategic planning, execution and reviewing stops them becoming frustrated and giving up too quickly.


Children and young people really come on in leaps and bounds on our residentials. Being away from home in a different environment, having to rely on their peers, trying new activities and finding their place within their group, gives a real boost to their confidence. They find skills they didn’t know they had.