Morning Assembly

We can offer your group a short, fun, thought provoking session at the start of each day which encourages participants to consider a simple Christian message whilst meeting National Curriculum guidelines. These 15 minute-long sessions provide opportunity for group members to learn about our slogan of “Who Do You Trust?” and what it means to our instructors and other topics such as “You are unique”. There are also plenty of games. Please let our administrators know if you would like to book this free option during your stay.

Available at:
Carroty Wood

Learning Outcomes

Communication & Listening Skills

Being able to hear something, process it and formulate a favourable response in a short space of time. We’ve developed a range of activities where groups have to learn to communicate and listen to one another to ensure tasks can be completed successfully.

Trust/Stronger relationships

Trust building activities help teams develop a level of understanding about their fellow group members and builds confidence in individuals as they learn to trust one another throughout their tasks.

Environmental impact

Understanding the part an individual plays in their local and global community is becoming must in today’s world. Our spotlight sessions highlight many areas such as poverty, inequality, conflict and economical and environmental impact. We use real life examples to give a better understanding of what’s happening around the world.