Wide Game

Battle it out over the hills and through the woods at Whithaugh Park. Crawl, sneak or sprint your way into the enemy’s base, steal their flag and make it safely back to aid your team to victory! Your team will need to use strategic planning and communication to draw up battle plans to enable them to defeat their enemy and claim victory.

Available at:
Whithaugh Park

Learning Outcomes

Physical education

Outdoor adventure activities help to build fitness and promote physical well-being. They also help with concentration, improve teamwork and communication skills. Many activities allow for personal development too, helping children and young people realise their potential and building confidence. Getting active in the outdoors helps improve motivation and self-esteem.


Managing behaviour through outdoor activities. Getting active outdoors, running around and trying new activities not only helps let off steam, it can also aid concentration when back in the classroom or workplace.

Trust/Stronger relationships

Trust building activities help teams develop a level of understanding about their fellow group members and builds confidence in individuals as they learn to trust one another throughout their tasks.

Team building

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Problem solving

Working out a strategy to achieve the best outcome or solution to a problem. These activities teach children and young people how to evaluate a situation or task, plan a strategy of execution and then execute that strategy. Strategic planning, execution and reviewing stops them becoming frustrated and giving up too quickly.

Communication & Listening skills

Being able to hear something, process it and formulate a favourable response in a short space of time. We’ve developed a range of activities where groups have to learn to communicate and listen to one another to ensure tasks can be completed successfully.

Decision making

Having the ability to make the right decision under pressure is an important life skill. Many of our adventure activities involve working as a team and making collective decisions to impact the outcome of a task. Groups review what went well or what they may need to work on.

Leadership skills

The ability to lead and support others through effective communication. Being a good leader isn’t about taking control and telling people what to do. Through our activity sessions groups learn it’s about good listening skills, clearly communicating with others and supporting team members when necessary.