Adventure Days in South Wales

Adventure Days at Summit Centre combine cross curricular topics with an adrenalin filled day of adventure throughout South Wales.

Adventure days at Summit Centre offer unforgettable experiences for all ages. The action packed days allow groups to experience the beautiful, rugged scenery of South Wales whilst immersing themselves in adrenalin fuelled activities. Whether it’s standing under an 8-metre high waterfall, squeezing through the underground caves or exploring the rivers and lakes flowing through the countryside, we create lasting memories that transform young lives.

Our adventure days are not just a great opportunity for fun and exploration but are also a fantastic learning experience. Groups learn about the water cycle and studying the river landscapes and processes. In studying the topography of the area they gain an invaluable up-close look at the erosion and deposition which change and shape a river over many years. Participants will explore the course of a river from its source, they will observe how the river varies from upper courses, mid courses and lower courses and the reasons behind these variations.

Groups also learn real-life fieldwork techniques, acquiring primary data to take back for further study and evaluate the risks involved in their study. They learn to measure the speed, depth and width of a river and identify the rock types and shapes that make up the river bed.

Primary schools will be able to gather simple data which form the foundations for further learning in the classroom as well as promoting first hand mathematics skills. For secondary, GCSE and A Level groups more detailed data can be collected for analysis in the classroom, covering integral aspects of their geography courses and providing a wealth of opportunity for further study.

Adventure days are designed with your group in mind and can be tailored to meet the needs of any age group. We carefully structure your day to combine adventure and adrenalin with first hand learning experiences.

Find out how the day looked for one of our first groups this summer.

The day started after breakfast where we met our instructor, Joe. The group had been looking forward to this day the most, and the excitement was unmistakeable. Joe ran through the plan for the day, talking about the water cycle and journey of a river. The group were engaged as they learnt they would be finding the source of a river, following it underground and over waterfalls as it travelled along its course. We then kitted up with all we needed for the day; full waterproofs, wellies and helmets, warm clothes and a packed lunch before we headed off into the hills.

Our first stop was at the heart of the Brecon Beacons’ National Park, as we took in the breath-taking views. Joe led the group across the open moorland, past the ancient monument Maen Llia, as the group discovered the start of the river. We discussed the river’s characteristics, measured the speed of flow, looked at stone sizes and of course, all got covered in war-paint from the peat bogs nearby!

Jumping back in the minibus for a short ride, our next stop was Porth yr Ogof, the largest cave mouth in Wales! After a break for lunch we headed underground. Caving was a first for myself and the rest of the group and there was a mix of excitement and nerves as we waded through the river and into the darkness. Instructor Joe was fantastic at leading the group through the twists, turns and squeezes. He was very receptive of any group nerves and ensured that everyone pushed themselves to their individual limits. We found fossils, stalagmites and stalactites and learnt about how the caves were formed and the types of rock surrounding us.

Our final challenge in the cave was a natural waterslide where we all slid down the river through the cave! As we left the cave, the group were euphoric, all telling tales of their experiences and what they had achieved. The final stop was only a 5 minute journey away, where we met the river as it left the cave and entered waterfall country! As we followed a wooded path down to the bottom of the gorge, we could hear the sheer power of the waterfalls. Joe led the group right into the waterfall, where we had a fantastic group picture.  We then jumped, slid, and waded through different challenges and obstacles in the gorge.

With smiling faces all round and a very wet group we headed back for a hot chocolate to warm up. As we headed back to the centre, just in time for a shower and dinner, the group were exhausted. It was a fantastic day that really pushed the group to the limits and allowed them to experience something completely new to what they have done on previous trips.

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