Five reasons to plan a revision residential

Could a revision residential help your students?

It’s that time of year when students are busy revising for their SATs, GCSEs and A level exams. A revision residential can be a great opportunity to focus students, grow confidence and reduce stress.  Here’s five reasons why a revision break can help your students.


  1. Focused revision

With so many distractions and pressures on students, it’s often difficult to find the time and space for revision away from distractions – television, games console, computer and of course social media. A residential break provides the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and really focus on revision in the peace and tranquillity of our beautiful sites. It helps students to foster greater study skills when they return home.

  1. Dedicated study programme

We work with you to create a combination of teacher led sessions, group revision and private study time. Combined with a programme of adventure activities, students are rewarded for their hard work and more motivated to study harder.

  1. Reduce stress

An abundance of research has shown spending time outdoors is good for the mind, body and helps to reduce stress. During their free time, students can relax and enjoy plenty of fresh air, our wide-open spaces and explore the beautiful surroundings at one of our four centres.

  1. Get active

We all know that taking regular breaks during revision is vital, which is why we provide adventure activities in-between study sessions. This gives students the reward for their hard work and the opportunity to let off steam so they come back refreshed and motivated for further study.

With over 40 adventure activities across our centres from orienteering to abseiling, archery and kayaking. Students can develop a range of transferable skills such as resilience, communication, planning and problem solving that can be applied back in their revision sessions.

  1. Boost confidence and motivation

Research shows that learning outside the classroom can have a motivating effect on young people and a beneficial impact on behaviour. The Brilliant Residential campaign highlighted increased confidence as the most common outcome of residentials.

We see the benefits of residentials to our young visitors every day. Their confidence soars as they take on new challenges, overcome fears and build relationships with peers. Students are more willing to try something new, push themselves and their attitude towards learning improves with greater self-belief.

Our revision residentials are tailored to meet your students’ needs and can help to meet specific learning outcomes and objectives. Find out more and see a sample revision break programme