Meet Nate

Nate Taylor is based at our Frontier Centre and will be blogging about life as an instructor

Our instructor, Nate Taylor, joined Rock UK three years ago and completed the Instructor Training Programme (ITP). He is now based at our Frontier Centre and will be blogging about his experiences and the difference a Rock UK instructor makes to the young people who visit us:

I started out on my Rock UK adventure after finishing sixth form when I was 18. I always considered myself sporty but focused on academic subjects as I wasn’t outstanding at any particular sport. I studied the essay intensive subjects of History, Geography and English Literature at A level. I never knew what I’d do if I went to university and beyond. I really engaged with the idea of youth ministry, however I didn’t fancy most of the youth work courses that meant more time in a classroom than actually connecting with young people. In fact the only thing I was sure of was that I had no intention of spending any longer writing essays immediately after sixth form.

For this reason I looked at internships with churches and organisations like Youth for Christ. For one reason or another internships wouldn’t work out, mostly because I didn’t have any money to my name and several required funds for housing and food, which is understandable.

I’d been to Rock UK as a young person five years before and really enjoyed the activities but since I’d never taken up climbing or water sports I never saw myself doing the job. All the other options had closed and I was coming up to the end of my time in education so I decided to email and see if there was anything available. I was delighted when I was told that all training was included should I apply and no prior experience was necessary. So I hastily filled in an application form hoping I might get an interview before my final exams started.

Upon emailing my application to Helen (who is the loveliest person to deal with ever) I plodded downstairs and told my mum that I’d applied for a job in Northamptonshire as an outdoor instructor. I was greeted with a surprised “Oh.” “Have you discussed this with your girlfriend?” I had not. I had in fact got quite carried away with excitement.

It’s three years now since I joined Rock UK and I’m much more confident in so many areas of my life. Eighteen year old me had a lot to learn as much as he hated to admit it. I completed the two year ITP and applied for an additional year to finish off my Level Two Paddlesport coaching qualification. I’m six months through that and (in a rather audacious attempt) recently applied for, and was successful in securing, a full time position.

I’m getting married in September! Yes, to the same girlfriend I mentioned earlier. I got on bended knee atop a cliff in Cornwall after a pasty and ice cream in glorious sunshine. And thankfully she agreed to spend the rest of her life with me. Also my brother has been accepted to do ITP starting in September.