Meet the team: Lewis

Lewis is a Rock UK Instructor at the Carroty Wood outdoor adventure centre in Kent.  

He joined our Instructor Training Program (ITP) in 2018 and completed his first year before the COVID pandemic hit.  

When our centres re-opened, Lewis re-joined the team at Carroty Wood and has since become one of our full-time instructors.  

“I was first introduced to the Rock UK ITP through my pastor. He thought it would be a good idea for me to join, and I agreed.  

I’d not really had the opportunity to take part in many outdoor activities before, or move away from home, so this was a whole new experience for me. The best thing is, it has given me the opportunity to explore my faith and grow.  

A typical day will always start with God in mind at our morning meeting. Once we’ve agreed how to set up the day, we all get on with our various tasks. We’re really busy at the moment but it’s a great opportunity to meet new groups, create relationships and help people.  The team always works closely together and it’s like working with my family.  

For me ‘creating confident kids’ is about encouraging children to believe that they can take that next step, that they can trust us and that we are here to encourage them and make them stronger as well as know their limits. 

For anyone looking to join the ITP I would say, I say this is a life changing opportunity. You get to meet new people and make a difference in their lives. When someone remembers you and it makes an impact and brings joy.  

Creating one little memory can make a difference.”