Meet the team: Sarah


Sarah joined Rock UK on our Instructor Training Programme. After completing four years on the programme, she then became the Lead Instructor at Whithaugh Park in the Scottish Borders.  

“I grew up in the Lake District so I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. I’d heard about Rock UK through one of the instructors at our youth group and saw them again at an event that I attended. I was in between college and university and thought that it looked like fun. What I thought would be a gap year has become a career that I love.  

As the Lead Instructor my day can vary, from time in the office answering emails, to time outdoors running or observing activities. I support the Chief Instructor and our team from the ITP with a variety of things from physical help, making sure everyone has the right equipment in place to spiritual support such as taking care of the team’s well-being.  

I love being able to give people their independence whether that’s a visitor to our centre or one of our instructors. I believe in encouraging people to figure things out for themselves so that they can build their confidence.  

Recently I helped a mother and daughter improve their confidence with mountain biking. Most people can ride a bike, but mountain biking is a bit different and there are loads of little tips and tricks that can help to make a ride more comfortable and enjoyable. Mountain biking is one of the sports that I enjoy in my spare time so I really like coaching these sessions. I have a qualification in this area and it is amazing to share all the things that I have learnt.  Seeing the mother and daughter build their confidence to the point of whoops and laughter was brilliant. It gives me joy to know that they will enjoy many more bike rides together even after leaving the centre.  

The work that we do at the centre builds us both physically and spiritually. I love that we get to play outdoors and call it work! 

For people looking to join the Instructor Training Programme I would say, if you have a love for the outdoors, a love for Jesus and a passion for working with young people then give it a go. You always get to have a giggle and you are going to have a good time.”