Mission Trip to Lesotho

A group of nine trainee instructors in their second year with us, travelled half-way across the globe to Lesotho, Africa.

This mission trip was an opportunity for Rock UK trainees to support a youth camp, at the Lesotho-Durham Link Outdoor Activity Centre. Every teenager attending the camp, has suffered the traumatic loss of both parents and now shoulders the full responsibility of looking after their younger siblings.

A group of 36 young people, aged between 16 and 17 years old, attended the three-day camp. The activity programme included outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing and abseiling. Whilst all the campers had lots of fun, adventure and excitement; the camp gave each of them respite from their heavy responsibilities at home. The camp programme also included interactive Bible teaching. During these group sessions the young people learnt about the life transforming love of God.

One such grouptime was an evening with everyone sat around the camp fire. This was a special occasion for all those at camp, with people sharing stories of life and faith.   The young people at camp have faced much adversity in life, yet they handle their daily responsibilities with great tenacity and positivity.

The instructors left Lesotho with hearts full of compassion for these young people who, at such a young age, have been thrust into the role of parent. Our team are planning a return trip to continue the challenge of changing lives through outdoor adventure in Africa.

Watch our short film on Lesotho and find out more about our Instructor Training Programme