Precious Seed memories

Taken from Precious Seed, 1948 Volume 2, Issue 2

Belgrave House, Littlehampton.

For 26 years there has been, at the above address, a seaside holiday home for Sunday school scholars and bible class members. The superintendent, W. J. Maddox, writes:

‘Thousands of boys and girls, arriving pale and listless, have been handed back to delighted parents after a fortnight of sunshine and fresh air, and all the thrills of a seaside holiday. It is heartening to watch the welcome of friends as they see the brown and chubby cheeks, and hear the excited voices. Better  than all is the knowledge that large numbers of these young lives, already influenced by the patient teaching and consistent example of Sunday school friends, are diverted from the broad to the narrow way while with us. Many contacts have been made with parents, who would not other­wise be reached. Parties of 50 are received from May to Sep­tember, each for two weeks. From October to April, the home is available for convalescent children, and adults needing change and rest. Each Easter week-end, a conference is arranged for Sunday school teachers, and workers among young people. At our well-equipped camp, 70 boys at a time live under canvas in the unique atmosphere of camp life. Here too, besides the freedom, fun and frolic of the holiday, serious business is done in many hearts. Both home and camp were fully booked by the end of February, and very many children were sadly disappointed. We earnestly desire that the instrument already graciously owned and used shall be remoulded to larger purpose and increased effectiveness, for the glory of God. The prayers of readers are earnestly sought that a larger and more suitable place may be found, and the necessary financial provision made in time for 1949. Our guests are received on terms which make the gifts of the Lord’s stewards necessary.’