School residential aids transition to secondary

We work with a cluster of primary schools who enjoy a residential break together so they can prepare for transition from primary to secondary.

For many children the transition from primary school to secondary school can be worrying. The move to secondary school brings a lot of changes – different classrooms and different teachers for each subject, larger buildings spread over a campus and new travel arrangements.  This can be unsettling for some children and can cause anxiety. A well-planned transition between primary and secondary phases will help remove any barriers to building healthy relationships and enable children to reach their full potential.

At Rock UK we understand that a residential experience accelerates relationship-building.  As children and teachers take risks together, feel scared, encourage one another and celebrate success together, barriers are broken down, trust and resilience are developed and personalities emerge.

We have been working with Dalkeith High School ASG (Associated Schools Group) for over twenty years, to harness the power of the end-of-year residential and transform the transition process. Four feeder primary schools, along with high school staff, spend four nights at Whithaugh Park sharing a bespoke programme of adventurous activities. Children work in mixed groups and over the course of five days strangers become great friends. Suddenly the ‘first day at high school’ is no longer daunting, but is a day of reunion with their new classmates and teachers.

This residential experience not only allows our pupils to challenge themselves in different adventurous activities, which they might otherwise never get to experience, it allows them to do so in a safe, supportive and social environment. Pupils foster relationships with their new peers, who will in some cases sustain them through high school, alleviating the uncertainty of the transition process. Pupils feel more confident about their move to high school when they have had the opportunity to meet the children and teachers with whom they will spend the next six years of their school career, and have great fun doing it!” 

Jen Mouat, Deputy Head Teacher, Danderhall Primary School

We would love to talk about how your school can harness the power of a residential to transform the transition process.  Find out more about school breaks.