How to spend your Sports Premium

The Primary Sports Premium is an investment by the Government into the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in order to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. We offer several great ways to spend your Sports Premium.

Kayak Explore

Head teachers are often faced with the challenge of knowing how best to spend this grant in a way that will achieve the greatest impact. Schools want to provide a broad, balanced and high quality range of sporting activities which is often not achievable at school. Rock UK provides fantastic bespoke programmes to help you achieve just this.

Rock UK’s range of adventurous activities means that children have access to a broader range of sports. Our engaging activities generate enthusiasm and excitement for sport whilst teaching children new and interesting skills, encouraging then to find a passion for new experiences.

Climbing on a family break on a day out at a Rock UK adventure centre

We offer two main sports premium programmes but we are also able to create bespoke packages to suit the group.

Option 1

Activity Day
9:45 Arrive on site
10:00-12:00 Activity 1
12:00-13:00 Lunch time
13:00-15:00 Activity 2
You can chose from any of our activities for your activity day, subject to age restrictions

Option 2

Weekly Courses

We can create bespoke weekly courses to ensure children learn enhanced skills in a specific activity. 3-6 week programmes are available, consisting of one activity session each week.

A trainee instructor helping a child during an archery session at Frontier Centre.

Example of adventurous sports available:

Kayaking – a six week program for up to 15 children (aged 10 and above) developing skills at our local lake, ending with an optional half day river trip. Participants should reach Kayak 1* or 2* level by the end of the programme. Kayaking is also great for team work, communication and building confidence.

Archery – Participants will learn about bows and arrows, and the skill needed to become an archer, honing in their skills on a six week programme for children aged 7 and above. It will also challenge maths skills, as well improving their focus and dexterity as they work out the best technique to succeed. For groups of up to 16.

Climbing – a three week programme for children aged 7 and above. Our purpose built climbing towers provide a safe way for participants to challenge themselves and conquer fears. They will develop confidence, learn to trust and learn about taking risks; all in a safe environment. They will also learn about technique, skill, balance, perseverance and determination.

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