Summer At Rock UK

It's been a busy Summer

It’s been a week of blue skies, warm temperatures and a very busy period at each of our four activity centres.

All corners of the lake have been explored, whether in a canoe, sit on top kayak or touring boat. The jetty has been a hive of excitement for warm and weary young paddlers, a welcome source of refreshment as they plunge into the cooling depths. It’s a rare sight to see sixteen children standing atop capsized kayaks in the middle of our wide open lake. Not often does the weather present such an opportunity for frenzy and mischief!

The climbing tower has been summited and descended in impressive style. Just the other week I found a new personal hero; a young gentleman who has overcome a severe visual impairment and autism to set the benchmark on how to assault the challenges the tower might provide. We had the rest of his class climbing blindfolded with him to give an insight into the challenges others might have to face. It presented a wonderful opportunity to get them working together, encouraging and instructing each other on how to progress. Better still was to see children so focussed on the task that they forgot about their insecurities and far exceeded their original targets.

Again I’m only describing the tip of the iceberg; hundreds of individual sessions have been run this week alone and that’s just at one of our centres.  

Nate Taylor Instuctor, Frontier Centre