Three generations raise funds and awareness for Rock UK

Over the summer Reece, undaunted by the fundraising goal, set about tackling the challenge head-on!

Three generations from one family spent summer 2019 raising funds and vital awareness for Rock UK.

Reece Ball started his Rock UK gap year this month as a trainee instructor. Part of his role is to raise funds to support the work of Rock UK, whilst training hard to become a qualified outdoor adventure instructor! Over the summer, Reece, undaunted by the fundraising goal and inspired with encouragement from his grandparents and parents, set about tackling the challenge head-on!


Why did you choose Rock UK for your gap year programme?

I chose Rock UK because I love the outdoors and am passionate about sharing my faith. For me it’s not just a gap year but what I believe God has called me to do.

“As Reece’s parents we know he is really looking forward to his time at Rock UK. Reece has loved outdoor adventure all his life and is keen to grow in his relationship with God and share his faith whilst training as an instructor.” Clare and Adie Ball (Reece’s parents)


How have you gone about raising funds for Rock UK?

I went about fundraising by setting up my Just Giving page and Rock UK story. As well as getting my family involved, my church joined in, as did my youth leader and youth group to help me raise funds for Rock UK!

“To support Reece’s ITP fundraising goal, our church gave Reece the chance to talk about Rock UK and the Instructor Training Programme during all three church services! We are truly grateful to our church for their wonderful support.” Clare and Adie Ball


Well done for getting your family involved with your fundraising, how did it all come about?

My granddad is a gifted artist and started to create some new art work as soon as I had accepted my gap-year place at Rock UK. My nan began to plan her baking too! My family liaised with the church to pick a suitable date to run the Art and Cake sale.

 “I enjoy painting as a hobby and Ann (my wife) enjoys baking. We wanted to use our talents to help Reece raise funds for Rock UK by running an “Art and Cake sale” after each of the church services! We had great fun! We are pleased to encourage our grandson Reece as he raises support for the work of Rock UK.” Robert and Ann Smitheram (Reece’s grandparents)


From September, you will be immersed in the world of outdoor adventure! What have you done over the summer to prepare you for your gap year at Rock UK?

Over the summer I helped on team at New Wine and we had a family camping holiday. I went to Soul Survivor and then went climbing in Spain. I am excited about starting at Rock UK, having prayed for a long time before I got my place and I am excited for where God is leading me.


What challenges do you think you will need to overcome during your first term?

The challenges I think I will face are being away from home for the first time (cooking and washing for myself !!) and settling in.


How will you keep your friends and family up to date on your Rock UK adventures?

I will update everyone with regular updates on my Just Giving page. I will send an update to church every two months as I have been added to their “mission partners” newsletter.


We are so grateful to all our trainee instructors, their friends and family for their support, prayers and donations, which enable young lives to be transformed through outdoor adventure!

To support Reece or any other trainee instructor in their fundraising, please check out their fundraising pages on Just Giving. To support our 2018 intake To support our 2019 intake .