Trainee Outdoor Instructor Interview

The experience at Rock UK has changed me massively as it has increased my confidence with speaking to a big group. It has also helped me to become courageous.

Every year in September we welcome over 20 trainee instructors to our instructor training programme, which combines faith, learning and adventure. Margaret is a 19-year-old from Birmingham, she joined our two-year instructor training programme in September 2019. We asked her some questions about the first three months of the programme.

What attracted you to Rock UK?

I was originally looking for a gap year, then I met Rich Sewell (Director of Frontier Centre) at Soul Survivor week and he explained how amazing Rock UK is and how you get closer with God in the outdoors and help to transform young lives.

What has your first three months been like?

The first months are challenging at first as it involved me having to come out of my comfort zone and capsizing into a cold lake.  Overall, the first three months are great as you receive support from the very start as everyone is understanding and gets along.

What are the other trainees like?

The other trainees are beyond amazing and are always looking to support each other whether that be emotionally or spiritually – they always help to build each other up in faith.

How has this experience changed you?

The experience of Rock UK has changed me massively as it has increased my confidence with speaking to a big group.  It has also helped me to become courageous as I have been doing activities such as climbing which I never imagined myself doing.

What are the challenges?

I’d have to say that my main challenge was trying to overcome my fear of heights, especially when climbing crags.  However, after all the encouragement and help I’ve been offered, I am slowing becoming more confident.

What is your favourite outdoor activity?

My favourite outdoor activity is hands-down paddle sports, mainly because I am continuously becoming confident on the lake.

How has the programme helped you in your faith?

As we lack a youth leader in my church, I didn’t really have a spiritual mentor who could answer my Biblical questions and guide me.  However, since coming to Rock UK, I have received tremendous support from everyone and it is lovely being in the same environment with other Christians trying to develop their faith in God.

Margaret now continues her training at our Frontier Centre. To find out more about the Instructor Training Programme visit