Why choose Rock UK for your next school residential?

The challenge to choose a school residential trip provider

There are a multitude of organisations in the UK and abroad that offer some form of outdoor adventure, so what are some of the things that form your search criteria and what makes Rock UK stand out from the rest?


Chris Belton, Headteacher at Jesse Gray Primary School told us that taking school children on a residential trip was about looking at the links that can be made between outdoor adventures and education. “It might sound like a cliché,” he said, “but there are links between things like abseiling and maths attainment. We want to look at how we develop children as a whole, how we help to create good citizens and install strong values.”

“We also try and time our trips for the most impact”, said Chris, “A lot of schools might not do school trips until the end of the year, where we like to do ours at the beginning of the year so that it will help pupils feel empowered, gives them a sense of achievement and bonds them as a team for the rest of the year.”


Rock UK Outdoor Adventures

Rock UK delivers outdoor adventures across the UK at four unique sites, with over 40 activities which are led by our amazing instructor team. As well as outdoor adventures, sites have some indoor activities available so that whatever the weather, everyone can make the most of the trip. There is onsite accommodation with teachers able to stay near to students and catering to make sure everyone has a hearty meal to keep their energy levels up! Finally we offer the time and space for you to spend with your students with meeting rooms, assembly halls, outdoor areas and teacher-led activities so that you can tailor your experience to you and your students.

Chris has chosen Rock UK adventures as a Headteacher of a faith school and a non-faith school. The welcome has been the same throughout each residential with inclusivity for all, a memorable experience for everyone and a family atmosphere. The recent school trip that he booked for his school was at our Frontier Centre in Northamptonshire;

“Firstly, the site is large, natural and very well maintained, the access to safe, yet adventurous water sports is fantastic,” said Chris.  “The accommodation layout is perfect for multi-class groups due to the useful meeting room. The activities are a good mix, led by competent instructors who engage the children well. The food is fantastic, a good mix between being obviously child friendly but with a ‘home cooked’ feel.”


Delivering a positive impact on both students and teachers

At Rock UK, we believe in the power of outdoor adventures. From building resilience and a sense of achievement to developing skills in communication and teamwork, a school residential trip is an opportunity for you to help develop your students and create confident kids.

Chris also commented, “As well as helping the children, this was also a great opportunity for the teaching staff to have time create a bond. They are able to get to know each other better and get to know the pupils better. I now have a waiting list of teaching staff that want to come on the next trip.

Even with 60 pupils on the trip, plus staff, Rock UK created a really lovely family atmosphere where we had time to complete the activities, spend time with the children and if we wanted to, mix with other schools as well.

Jesse Grey is not a Church school, yet benefited from the very evident Christian values and ethos that came across in the actions of the staff in their approach to everything. The fact that this is evident without being pointed out or labelled demonstrates the integrity of all those involved.

Thank you for such a great trip, the children have not stopped talking about it!”