Why is Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge important?

The LOtC Quality Badge helps schools identify good quality and safe provision.

In this blog, we look at why the LOtC Quality Badge is important to both providers and schools when looking for schools trips.

Educational trips are among the most memorable experiences in a child’s school life and there is a wealth of evidence to support the benefits of learning outside the classroom. At Rock UK, we are passionate about developing young people, bringing adventure into learning in the outdoors to transform lives. We invest heavily in our instructors through our Instructor Training Programme and we take the safety of our visitors very seriously.


With this in mind, we are delighted to hold the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge, which combines learning and safety into one easily recognisable accreditation for providers of learning outside the classroom experiences. The LOtC Quality Badge is the only nationally recognised benchmark for good quality education provision and effective risk management. It helps schools identify good quality and safe provision, and reduces the red tape when planning educational visits.


We are proud that our four activity centres have held the LOtC Quality Badge for over five years. Through a rigorous assessment process, renewed every 2 years, we have met the six quality indicators:


  • We have a process in place to assist visitors to plan their learning experience effectively
  • We provide accurate information about the activities we offer
  • We provide activities, experience or resources which meet learner needs
  • We review the experience and act on feedback
  • We meet the needs of our visitors
  • We have robust safety management processes to manage risk effectively


Schools can be confident that our centres meet the required standards, provide good quality educational experience, and manage risk effectively. This reduces paperwork, as teachers do not need to carry out their own risk or quality assessments for our activities. The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel endorse the LOtC Quality Badge and the majority of Local Authority Outdoor Education Advisers will accept the award in place of some of their checks.


Spending time in the outdoors enjoying adventure activities in fresh air and wide-open spaces, away from the classroom, gives children a chance to challenge themselves with new and exciting experiences.  We see children and young people grow in confidence and resilience, overcome fears, and build stronger relationships with their peers. Our activity centres support many areas of the curriculum including PHSE, maths, geography, science, RE and many more.


Our activities teach important lessons such as leadership skills, environmental awareness, personal responsibility and teamwork. Teachers often tell us what a difference the shared experience makes to their pupils.


“Rock UK is an exceptionally positive visit for children at our campus. They get to experience so many different things over the three days and for many of them it is an opportunity they will never forget. Children and parents/carers always have lots of positive feedback about the visit. They develop skills such as teamwork, problems solving and logical thinking while also increasing their own self-confidence and self-awareness. It is real highlight of the school year for our Year 6 cohort.” Group Leader, NCEA – Grace Darling Campus  


To find out more or to enquire about organising your next residential visit www.rockuk.org/schools