Winding Down

We're Winding Down The Summer Season

How was your summer? Has it been one of relaxation and recuperation, or one of excitement and adventure?

It’s all change come September, parents peeling themselves out of bed to do the school run, teachers setting up the new classroom displays and some children are starting school for the first time. It might be that this September you are embarking on a new adventure, starting secondary school or college, moving out for university.

For us though it’s the beginning of the end of another summer season, our stunning crescendo is drawing to a close. We’ve now passed the height of summer, and things are becoming a little quieter. September and October will keep us active for sure and we look forward to those challenges; but for the next week or so we can schedule the important tasks of checking kit and tidying up after a busy summer. Some people will move on to new careers, others will join our Instructor Training Programme and begin their own adventure with us. I haven’t experienced an environment yet where September hasn’t brought some kind of transition or change. This might always be the case, the change of weather and season reflecting the transition of life’s seasons.

For me, September is big! Wedding bells will be ringing and it’s a very exciting time. It has truly been one of the busiest summers of my life and wedding planning has exaggerated that somewhat. On top of this we will also be moving into a rental property and for the first time my wife and I will experience true independence.

Whatever September might have to bring for you I pray that you will be blessed, and pursue every adventure God has in store. Grasp those opportunities with both hands!  

Nate Taylor Instructor, Frontier Centre