Apply for a bursary



Beneficiaries of the fund should be aged between 6-18 years on the final date of their visit, and must be enrolled as a student as defined by the school/college or as a member of the group/organisation they intend to visit Rock UK with.

We will consider all applications where need is demonstrated in a supporting letter. Individuals who are eligible for free school meals and/or those in financial need can apply to the Bursary Fund. Please explain how other funds (i.e. Pupil Premium) are also being used to support this individual.

Each application is judged on its merits, therefore please supply as much supporting information as possible.


Up to a maximum of 50% of the Net. course fee for the individual can be offered. This covers accommodation, board and lodging and activities whilst on the residential course but not travel to and from the Centre or other costs added by your organisation.

The fund is sustained through voluntary donations and varies from year to year. Rock UK cannot therefore say in advance how much money there will be available in the Bursary Fund per applicant per year.

The maximum Bursary is £1250 for a residential trip and £450 for a day visit per group per academic year. Each individual applicant may only benefit from one bursary.


Applications for Bursary places must be submitted, with all supporting evidence at least 14 weeks before your visit, to allow for applications to be reviewed and decisions taken ahead of the 12 week deadline.

The application may be for a number of individuals attending one or various Rock UK centres.

The Rock UK Bursary Fund will not support:

  • Whole group costs where financial disadvantage is not justified at an individual level
  • In excess of £1250 for residential visits or £450 for day visits per group per year
  • Transport costs to and from the Rock UK centre
  • Visits to non-Rock UK centres
  • The purchase of personal equipment needed on course e.g. rucksacks, clothing, toiletries


We will try to respond to your request for support within 10 working days from receipt of your request, assuming that you provide us with all the information we need.

Decisions will be made by the Rock UK Bursary Fund Panel and are final. There is no appeal process.

You will be notified by letter or email confirming your award and the awarded amount will be deducted from the invoice.

The income available to support the Rock UK Bursary Fund depends upon donations received and as such the fund will only be able to support a limited number of applications each year.


Your feedback is valuable in helping us to develop the fund and in reporting back to our donors. Therefore we ask that you complete a simple questionnaire about the impact that the award has made. We will use this to report back to those who have donated to the fund, and to help promote future donations.


If the organisation/school subsequently cancels their booking, the chargeable portion of the bursary recipient’s fee would still be payable subject to Rock UK’s usual cancellation charges.

Groups may apply to the Rock UK Bursary Fund in subsequent years but success in a previous year(s) is no guarantee of the outcome as it is primarily based on availability of funds.

We welcome suggestions for the future development of the Rock UK Bursary Fund from groups and individuals.

Please email with any questions.

Download The Bursary Application Form